Chevrolet Rewards program at George Nunnally Chevrolet

Sep 1, 2023

Welcome to the Chevrolet Rewards program at George Nunnally Chevrolet, proudly brought to you by Ultimate Auto Sales. Our exclusive rewards program is designed to provide Chevrolet owners with exceptional benefits, savings, and experiences.

Why Join the Chevrolet Rewards Program?

By becoming a member of the Chevrolet Rewards program, you unlock a world of unparalleled advantages. We believe in rewarding our customers' loyalty, and as a participant, you'll enjoy numerous benefits that aim to enhance your ownership experience:

1. Exclusive Offers and Savings

As part of the program, you gain access to exclusive offers and savings available only to Chevrolet Rewards members. Enjoy discounts on service, parts, accessories, and even purchases of new Chevrolet vehicles. We continuously strive to provide our members with the most valuable deals in the automotive industry.

2. Loyalty Rewards

Your loyalty deserves recognition, and that's why we've established a comprehensive loyalty rewards program. Earn points for every eligible purchase, service visit, or vehicle lease, and redeem them for a variety of rewards. From discounts on future purchases to travel and entertainment benefits, your loyalty is our priority.

3. Exceptional Service Experience

As a valued Chevrolet Rewards member, you'll receive exceptional treatment from our dedicated team. Enjoy prioritized service appointments, expedited check-in and check-out processes, and access to exclusive amenities in our state-of-the-art facility. We understand the importance of your time and strive to make every visit as convenient as possible.

4. Personalized Recommendations

Our team, consisting of automotive experts, will provide you with personalized recommendations based on your vehicle's maintenance needs, driving habits, and ownership preferences. We believe in proactive care to ensure your Chevrolet performs optimally and efficiently for years to come.

How to Join the Chevrolet Rewards Program

Joining the Chevrolet Rewards program is simple and hassle-free. Visit our website and sign up through our easy online registration process. As an existing Chevrolet owner, you're automatically eligible for membership. No additional qualifications or fees are required.

Once you've enrolled, you'll receive a personalized rewards card that you can present during every visit to George Nunnally Chevrolet. Start earning points and enjoying the benefits right away!

Discover the Ultimate Auto Sales Difference

At Ultimate Auto Sales, we are committed to providing unparalleled service, expertise, and support to all Chevrolet owners. Our partnership with George Nunnally Chevrolet ensures that you receive the highest quality customer care and access to exclusive rewards.

As a leader in the automotive industry, our dedication to customer satisfaction and our extensive knowledge of Chevrolet vehicles sets us apart. We prioritize your needs and aim to exceed your expectations at every turn. Visit our showroom and experience the Ultimate Auto Sales difference today!


When it comes to Chevrolet ownership, the Chevrolet Rewards program at George Nunnally Chevrolet, in partnership with Ultimate Auto Sales, sets a new standard of excellence. Unlock a world of exclusive benefits, savings, and personalized experiences by joining the program today.

For more information, visit our website or contact our friendly team. We look forward to welcoming you to the Chevrolet Rewards program and providing you with an exceptional ownership journey.

Federico Cismondi
I love Chevrolet rewards program! 🚗🎉
Nov 11, 2023
Derek Choy
Great rewards program for Chevrolet owners! 🚗🎉 Enjoy savings, benefits, and unique experiences. Don't miss out on these amazing advantages!
Oct 13, 2023