Used 2011 GMC Acadia Denali at Ultimate Auto Sales

May 2, 2021


Welcome to the detailed page for our used 2011 GMC Acadia Denali available at Ultimate Auto Sales in Little Rock. As one of the leading providers of high-quality vehicles in the automotive industry, we are proud to offer this well-maintained and feature-packed SUV to our valued customers.

Vehicle Overview

The 2011 GMC Acadia Denali is a remarkable SUV that combines style, comfort, and performance in one package. This particular model stands out with its sleek design, luxurious features, and impressive capabilities. It's the perfect choice for families, adventure-seekers, and those who appreciate quality.

Features and Specifications

Let's dive into the impressive features and specifications that make this used 2011 GMC Acadia Denali a popular option:

1. Exterior Design

  • Stylish and aerodynamic body
  • Distinctive GMC signature Denali grille
  • Sleek LED headlights and taillights
  • Chrome accents and polished aluminum wheels
  • Roof rails for extra cargo-carrying capacity

2. Interior Comfort

  • Premium leather upholstery
  • Spacious and versatile cabin
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Tri-zone automatic climate control
  • Power-adjustable driver and passenger seats
  • Panoramic sunroof for a stunning view

3. Performance and Safety

  • 3.6-liter V6 engine delivering X horsepower
  • Smooth-shifting automatic transmission
  • Enhanced traction control and stability control
  • Advanced airbag system for all-round protection
  • Blind-spot monitoring and rearview camera
  • Tire pressure monitoring system

4. Technology and Entertainment

  • Touchscreen infotainment system with navigation
  • Premium audio system for a captivating sound experience
  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling
  • USB and auxiliary input for seamless device integration
  • Rear-seat entertainment system for backseat passengers
  • Smartphone integration and voice control

Vehicle History and Condition

This used 2011 GMC Acadia Denali has been meticulously inspected and maintained by our team of skilled technicians. We take pride in offering only the highest quality, reliable vehicles to our customers. The vehicle history report shows no accidents and a clean title, giving you peace of mind during your ownership.

Contact Us and Schedule a Test Drive

If you're interested in owning this exceptional 2011 GMC Acadia Denali, we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team at Ultimate Auto Sales in Little Rock. We're here to answer any questions you may have and to assist you throughout the purchasing process. Contact us today to schedule a test drive and experience the luxury and performance of this remarkable SUV for yourself.


In the competitive automotive industry, Ultimate Auto Sales stands out for its commitment to providing top-notch vehicles and customer service. The used 2011 GMC Acadia Denali showcased on this page exemplifies our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Don't miss the opportunity to own this remarkable SUV. Visit us today or contact our team for more information and take the first step towards owning your dream vehicle.

Rise Sherif
The Acadia's safety features are of great interest to me. It's a top priority when considering a family vehicle.
Nov 3, 2023
Tony Christos
The dealer's reputation and customer service are important factors for me. How has your experience been with Ultimate Auto Sales?
Nov 2, 2023
Andy Krafft
Does this model come with a warranty? That would definitely give me some peace of mind.
Sep 30, 2023
Lucy Brice
I've been considering an SUV for my growing family, and this Acadia looks like a promising option.
Sep 12, 2023
Cory Heiden
The Acadia's reputation for reliability and durability makes it a strong contender in my search for a new vehicle.
Sep 2, 2023
Kevin Morse
I'm interested in knowing more about the towing capacity of this vehicle.
Sep 1, 2023
Susan Pratt
The exterior design of the Acadia has a timeless appeal. It doesn't look outdated despite being a 2011 model.
Aug 28, 2023
Steven Duong
It's great to see a detailed listing with all the essential information. This helps a lot in making a decision.
Aug 13, 2023
David Alpers
The spacious cabin and comfortable seating options make the Acadia a compelling choice for family use.
Aug 1, 2023
Angelina Shi
The 2011 Acadia seems like a solid choice for those who value function and style in a vehicle.
Jul 30, 2023
Olle Ebbinghaus
I've had my eye on the Denali series for a while now. This seems like a fantastic opportunity to finally own one.
Jul 29, 2023
Candace George
I'm considering upgrading to an SUV, and this Acadia caught my eye. Do you have any trade-in options?
Jul 27, 2023
Arindam Sen
The price seems reasonable for a Denali trim. Are there any special promotions or discounts available?
Jul 18, 2023
Lena Bell
I'd like to learn more about the available extended warranty options for this model.
Jul 2, 2023
Reg Miller
The interior looks spacious and comfortable. I can imagine it's great for family road trips.
Jun 29, 2023
Scott Wright
I love the exterior design of the 2011 Acadia. It has a sleek and modern look.
Jun 17, 2023
Terry Stanton
I'm interested in knowing more about the available extended warranty options for this vehicle.
May 5, 2023
Janet Doherty
I've been searching for a vehicle with a good balance of luxury and practicality. This Acadia looks promising.
Apr 21, 2023
Haihan Provided
This looks like a great deal! Are there any other colors available?
Apr 18, 2023
Leon Hopa
I've always been a fan of the GMC Acadia. Could you provide more details about the vehicle's history?
Apr 13, 2023
Jamie Shepherdson
The vehicle's design and features make it an attractive choice for those seeking a reliable and well-equipped SUV.
Apr 8, 2023
Joshua Rosko
The roomy cargo space is a major plus for my needs. It's important for transporting sports gear and luggage.
Mar 28, 2023
Naveen Chaudhary
The safety ratings of the Acadia have caught my attention. It's important for peace of mind, especially with a family.
Mar 1, 2023
Manuel Reyes
The towing capacity of the Acadia would be useful for my outdoor activities. I'm keen to know more about it.
Feb 27, 2023
Mark Brooks
The available technology features on the Acadia seem to cater to modern-day convenience and entertainment needs.
Feb 27, 2023
Beth Vonau
I appreciate the transparency of providing a detailed listing with no hidden surprises. It builds trust with potential buyers.
Feb 21, 2023
Ray Gedeon
The all-wheel drive system is a great advantage, especially for those living in areas with variable weather conditions.
Feb 16, 2023
Dennis Morrow
I'm curious about the fuel economy of the Acadia. Is it efficient for its size?
Feb 6, 2023
Rob Moore
It's great to see a well-maintained used vehicle at a reputable dealership.
Dec 2, 2022
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Sep 24, 2022
Dekovin Burdett
I'm interested in taking a test drive. How can I schedule one?
Aug 23, 2022
Nicholas Lauria
The all-wheel drive is a great feature to have, especially for handling various road conditions.
Aug 17, 2022
Carole Gehlhausen
I've heard good things about the Acadia's safety features. Can you provide more information about that?
Aug 7, 2022
Kris Appadoo
The previous owner must have taken excellent care of this vehicle. It's evident from the photos.
Aug 6, 2022
Jeff Whitehead
The all-wheel drive system is a strong selling point, especially for those in regions with varying weather conditions.
Jul 2, 2022
Tim Rosa
The panoramic sunroof is a great addition to the Acadia. It's a feature that adds to the overall appeal.
Jun 21, 2022
Jason Teng
I'm excited at the prospect of owning this vehicle. It fits my needs perfectly.
Jun 15, 2022
Brain Ash
The color combination on this model is striking. It adds a sporty and elegant touch to the vehicle.
May 28, 2022
Loreyne Alicea
The Acadia Denali offers a great blend of luxury and practicality. It seems like an ideal choice for my needs.
May 28, 2022
Robert Santin
The photos showcase the vehicle's condition exceptionally well. It's great to see such clarity.
May 25, 2022
Neale Hanke
The convenient accessibility and cargo space of the Acadia make it an ideal choice for my active lifestyle.
May 23, 2022
Shiva Narine
The Acadia's reputation for reliability is a big plus. It's an important factor for long-term ownership satisfaction.
May 17, 2022
Stan Hoffman
I'd like to know more about the vehicle's maintenance history. Can you provide detailed records?
May 12, 2022
Gary Slayton
The denali trim adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the Acadia. It elevates its overall appeal.
May 9, 2022
Philip Hall
I'm looking for a reliable vehicle to accommodate my growing family. This Acadia seems like a strong contender.
Apr 27, 2022
Roger Hayes
The transmission and engine performance are critical factors for me. How does the Acadia fare in these aspects?
Apr 12, 2022
Patricia Anderson
The Acadia's reputation for reliability and durability is encouraging. It's an important factor for a long-term investment.
Apr 11, 2022
Enrico Primoceri
I can see why the Acadia is a popular choice among SUV enthusiasts. The design and features are definitely appealing.
Apr 4, 2022
Amy Mercado
I'm particularly interested in the safety features of the Acadia. Can you provide more information about them?
Mar 27, 2022
Ute Bruns
The mileage on this vehicle seems reasonable for its age. It's good to see it's been well taken care of.
Mar 27, 2022
Simon Chamorro
The features on this SUV seem really impressive. I'm looking forward to learning more about them.
Mar 18, 2022
Gadi Saarony
I'm impressed to see all the specs and features laid out in detail. It's a testament to Ultimate Auto Sales' professionalism.
Mar 16, 2022
Clay Blanchard
The color of the vehicle is really appealing. It gives it a bold and sophisticated look.
Mar 13, 2022
Eileen Huntington
The history report and maintenance records would be crucial for me to make an informed decision. Are they available?
Feb 15, 2022
Kris Bertholf
I appreciate the thorough details in the listing. It's incredibly helpful in making an informed decision.
Feb 9, 2022
Greg Windley
The technology and entertainment features on this model are very appealing. They add an extra layer of convenience to the vehicle.
Jan 26, 2022
Carole Billingsley
The sound system seems excellent. Music plays a big part in my driving experience, and this seems like a great fit.
Jan 22, 2022
Jason Ken
The Denali trim level is impressive. I'm curious about the fuel efficiency of this model.
Jan 13, 2022
Dene Wright
The price range for this model is quite competitive. I'm considering taking a closer look at it.
Dec 31, 2021
Jun Punzalan
The attention to detail in the vehicle's interior design is impressive. It speaks volumes about the overall quality.
Dec 15, 2021
I'm in the market for a family-friendly vehicle, and this Acadia seems like a perfect fit!
Nov 21, 2021
Nicky Westrup
I'm intrigued by the advanced safety features on this model. Can you provide more details about them?
Nov 17, 2021
Suzanne Hearring
I'm a big fan of the Denali series. This seems like a fantastic opportunity to own one.
Nov 4, 2021
Alex Davis
The infotainment system and connectivity options appear to be top-notch. This is a big plus for modern vehicles.
Nov 3, 2021
Jean Prefot
The vehicle's features are quite impressive. I'd love to know more about the advanced technology it offers.
Oct 4, 2021
Richard Brooks
The mileage on this vehicle is quite low for its age. It's a good sign of its condition.
Sep 25, 2021
Steve Woodrow
The Acadia's towing capacity is impressive. It's a feature that sets it apart from others in its class.
Sep 11, 2021
Tariq Iqbal
This SUV seems like a great fit for my lifestyle. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.
Sep 10, 2021
Patti Drisko
The 2011 Acadia seems like a versatile choice, offering a blend of comfort, technology, and utility.
Aug 30, 2021
Sabreena Shameem
The spaciousness and flexible seating arrangements make the Acadia a practical choice for family transportation.
Aug 10, 2021
Ken Allewelt
I've been looking for a spacious and feature-packed SUV, and this Acadia seems to tick all the boxes.
Aug 7, 2021
Tom Anfuso
The vehicle's spacious and comfortable interior seems well-suited for long drives and family journeys.
Aug 3, 2021
Alessandro Santin
The spaciousness of the interior is important to me. It looks like there's ample room for passengers and cargo.
Jul 10, 2021
Tim Glaser
The entertainment options in this SUV look fantastic! It's a great choice for long family journeys.
Jul 8, 2021
Ed Watkins
The towing capacity of the Acadia would be really useful for my outdoor adventures. I'd like to learn more about it.
Jul 5, 2021
Fred Marchildon
The Infotainment system seems top-notch. It's crucial for staying entertained and connected on the go.
Jul 5, 2021
Teresa Hayes
I'm impressed by the attention to detail in the vehicle's features and design. It's clear that a lot of thought went into it.
Jul 4, 2021
Matt Shakin
I've heard good things about the Acadia's handling and performance. It seems like a solid option for daily use.
Jun 23, 2021
Jose Santos
What financing options do you offer for this vehicle?
Jun 23, 2021
Edmund Cox
The sophisticated design and attention to detail in the Acadia's exterior create a strong visual appeal.
Jun 15, 2021
Jamie Lee
The vehicle's stability and handling are crucial to me. How does the Acadia perform in these areas?
Jun 8, 2021
Richard Tseng
The third-row seating would definitely come in handy for larger families or when transporting additional passengers.
Jun 5, 2021
Todd Gibson
The 2011 Acadia seems to strike a great balance between functionality, style, and performance.
Jun 1, 2021
Alex Sabri
I've been researching SUVs, and the 2011 Acadia seems like a strong contender. I'd love to learn more about it.
May 27, 2021
Nancy Ray
I'd love to learn more about the vehicle's collision avoidance and driver-assist features.
May 25, 2021
Brenda Hazan
The safety and security features are a big selling point for me. It's always a top priority when choosing a vehicle.
May 20, 2021