Take the Car and Check Out These 3 Thai Restaurants

Dec 14, 2020


Welcome to Ultimate Auto Sales! As a leader in the vehicles - automotive industry, we not only pride ourselves on providing high-quality cars, but also on sharing the best experiences for our customers. In this article, we would like to take you on a culinary journey to explore three exceptional Thai restaurants in Thailand that you definitely shouldn't miss.

1. Mango Tree - Bangkok

Located in the bustling city of Bangkok, Mango Tree offers an authentic Thai dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds. The restaurant boasts a diverse menu featuring traditional Thai dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. From the rich and creamy green curry to the tangy and spicy som tam, every dish at Mango Tree is a masterpiece.

As you indulge in the flavorful Thai delicacies, the elegant and contemporary interior of Mango Tree will transport you to the heart of Thailand. The warm ambiance, accompanied by the impeccable service provided by the staff, creates an inviting atmosphere for a memorable dining experience.

2. Blue Elephant - Phuket

When visiting the beautiful island of Phuket, make sure to make a reservation at Blue Elephant. Situated amidst lush greenery, this hidden gem offers a unique dining experience that combines Thai culture, art, and cuisine.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by the stunning architectural design inspired by Thai traditions. Blue Elephant takes pride in using only the freshest local ingredients, ensuring an authentic and flavorsome meal. From the exquisite pad Thai to the aromatic tom yum soup, each dish tells a story of Thailand's culinary heritage.

3. Nahm - Bangkok

For a fine dining experience like no other, Nahm in Bangkok is the place to be. Renowned for its innovative twist on traditional Thai cuisine, this Michelin-starred restaurant will leave you in awe with its remarkable flavors and artistic presentation.

Nahm takes pride in its commitment to preserving the essence of Thai recipes while infusing modern techniques. The skilled chefs utilize a variety of ingredients, resulting in unique flavor combinations that will surprise and delight your palate. Be prepared to embark on a culinary adventure that will redefine your understanding of Thai cuisine.


Exploring the vibrant Thai culinary scene is an essential part of any automotive industry journey. Make it a point to visit these three exceptional Thai restaurants - Mango Tree in Bangkok, Blue Elephant in Phuket, and Nahm in Bangkok - to indulge in the finest flavors Thailand has to offer. At Ultimate Auto Sales, we are dedicated to providing you with not only the best cars but also the best recommendations for a truly immersive experience. Enjoy the ride and bon appétit!

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