Get in Your Hyundai and Check Out These 3 Great Fitness Destinations Near Fayetteville, AR

Dec 28, 2021

Welcome to Ultimate Auto Sales, your premier destination for high-quality vehicles in the automotive industry. If you're looking to enhance your fitness routine and explore the beautiful surroundings of Fayetteville, AR, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll guide you through three incredible fitness destinations that are easily accessible and offer a range of activities to suit every fitness level.

1. Northwest Arkansas Razorback Greenway

The Northwest Arkansas Razorback Greenway is an expansive 36-mile trail that meanders through numerous towns, including Fayetteville. Whether you prefer jogging, cycling, or walking, this paved trail offers a scenic and safe route to maintain your fitness goals. Along the way, you'll be greeted with stunning views of lush greenery, charming bridges, and occasional wildlife sightings. So, grab your Hyundai and embark on an unforgettable fitness adventure on the Razorback Greenway.

2. Devil's Den State Park

If you're a nature enthusiast seeking a more challenging outdoor workout, Devil's Den State Park is an absolute must-visit. Located just a short drive from Fayetteville, AR, this picturesque park offers an extensive network of hiking trails that cater to all levels of fitness. From leisurely strolls to strenuous climbs, Devil's Den allows you to explore stunning rock formations, dense forests, and serene streams. Don't forget to pack your hiking gear in your Hyundai and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Devil's Den State Park.

3. Ozark National Forest

No fitness journey near Fayetteville, AR would be complete without a visit to the renowned Ozark National Forest. This expansive forest covers more than a million acres and provides countless opportunities for outdoor activities. Whether you're interested in hiking, biking, trail running, or even rock climbing, Ozark National Forest has it all. With its stunning waterfalls, pristine rivers, and magnificent bluffs, this destination is a true haven for fitness enthusiasts. Load up your Hyundai and get ready to experience the wonders of Ozark National Forest.


In conclusion, Ultimate Auto Sales invites you to explore these three incredible fitness destinations near Fayetteville, AR. The Northwest Arkansas Razorback Greenway, Devil's Den State Park, and Ozark National Forest all offer unique experiences to enhance your fitness journey. So, get behind the wheel of your Hyundai and embark on an unforgettable adventure that combines fitness and nature. Stay motivated, keep exploring, and let Ultimate Auto Sales be your trusted partner in both automotive excellence and living an active lifestyle.

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I've been to Fayetteville, and these fitness destinations are top-notch! Great recommendations! 😊
Aug 15, 2022
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Exploring the outdoor fitness options near Fayetteville sounds like a fantastic way to stay active and enjoy nature 🌲
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